Rocking Chair

I am excited about this project. I designed a rocking chair about three years ago but never got round to making it. With a couple of shows coming up and a week to spare before starting a knee hole desk commission, I finally had an opportunity. I began with a full size mock up in pine which I got a number of people to try before finalising the ergonomics and making the templates. I bought some nice 2″ thick cherry and got stuck into making. My wife suggested calling it Tranquility and I rather like the idea. It was quite a push to get it ready for the first show with only 4 days for the making but made it, just.

The initial response is very positive with all but one of the many people who tried it being very impressed both with the comfort and aestheics. Comments included ‘like a massage’, ‘I love the lumbar supprt’ and very comfortable’