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Rocking chair

collaborate The rocker has seen a major modification with the replacement of the rockers themselves. A tendency for the chair to tip too far forward has been corrected and there is more ‘rock’ to the chair. It also enables the sitter to find a comfortable position when sitting still. While I was about it I rubbed …

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Dining Chairs

buy Rizatriptan cheap               These two chairs, an Ash ladder back and a Walnut dining chair mark a return of two old favourites. They were popular designs a few years ago before I decided to try some newer ideas. I will be exhibiting these at two Autumn shows. Two clients have recently …

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The workshop has seen many changes over recent years and has now got a light and airy feel with a selection of small high quality machines perfectly suited to the one-off pieces I make. I am finding myself returning to a more hand tool orientated approach as the work itself has become smaller and more refined and technological developments …

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