I have spent four months on and off on the Watlington Street project and hope to have some photos soon as the final stage is now ready for delivery. A new ladder back dining chair has been developed and some lovely Brown Oak and Air dried English white and Olive Ash has been bought in for a couple of new rocking chairs. These are to replace pieces that have been sold so workshop life continues to be exciting and busy.

I am also revising the workshop and aim to create more space by replacing some of the less efficient machines with one or two new ones.  The subtleties of hand making and the connection of it creates work of humanity and presence that no machine production can ever match. I am keen to re engage with some aspects of making that have become efficient at the expense of some deeper sensitivity.

Inspiration comes in all forms and I have been watching some Youtube films of the sculptor Antony Gormley recently. This has reaffirmed my own commitment to simplicity and focussing on the making process.