As of last week I have agreed at accept a permanent post teaching in Lyme Regis at the Boat Building Academy. This will be from January 2nd and apart from 3 weeks in December when I can catch up on some outstanding commissions runs on from my current course. I will be adding additional posts with more information in due course but wanted to up date the website to this effect as it has all happened very quickly.

This develops the teaching I have been doing for the past seven years with people and a place that I already know. The course I am teaching is an intensive 12 week program of skills building, development and furniture design as well as a program of shorter courses. Please view www.boatbuildingacademy.com for more details.

I am hugely grateful to the hundreds of clients who have supported my workshops over 28 years of full-time operation but feel ready for a change in tack. I also wanted to be ale to pass on my skills and experience to new makers and am very fortunate to be able to do so in such a beautiful and creatively energetic environment.